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Mental Health

Our support staff are not registered professional mental health carers, but we can help you by providing support and guidance as well as signposting to further support, including confidential medical referrals.

We support elite British athletes by providing a friendly ear, expert advice, and professional referrals, with every individual provided the tailored support they require.

Our dedicated Athlete Support Team are available Monday-Friday, and will stand by an athlete’s side for as long as they need. That can range from a one-off conversation to months of personalised support. 

There are mental health provisions across the sporting system, but as an independent organisation athletes might feel more comfortable seeking advice through us, rather than their sport or usual medical channels. For anyone who does, we provide a safe space to openly share how they feel and that they want support.

Our Athlete Support Team is highly trained in mental health provision. Between them, they have qualifications that span mental health first-aid, self-harm, and disordered eating, and also understand how to support athletes from minority backgrounds or with neurodivergence considerations.

Some athletes want to get something off their chest once and not speak again, and that’s completely fine. We provide our contact details and ensure they know we’re here if required again. Others will need regular check-ins for any amount of time, and that’s equally fine. We handle everyone on a case by case basis and personalise the support accordingly.

Crucially, our support is totally confidential too. Unless there’s an urgent safeguarding concern, we won’t disclose anything to anyone if you don’t want us to: there is full consent in everything we do.

If you require support or advice, contact our team via:

“There are a lot of support networks out there. If you feel there are issues then talk, don’t be scared to talk. Bottling it up makes it worse. The BEAA are incredible. We’ve got mental health advisers. Loads of people are talking about mental health now and the support system is getting better.”

Ellie Simmonds

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