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As a member of their Athlete Commission, we work collaboratively with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to ensure athletes understand the anti-doping process and to raise awareness of the support mechanisms available. Our athlete briefings always reference anti-doping and similarly, UKAD education materials signpost eligible athletes to the BEAA for support.

If you have received a whereabouts failure or a missed test notification from UKAD, we may be able to assist you with access to independent legal advice. This offer may extend to support where you have committed an alleged anti-doping rule violation. 

For anti-doping information and guidance, please visit the UKAD website, here

“Anti-doping awareness is an important responsibility, not only in competition but as part of your everyday routines as well. It’s also your responsibility as an elite athlete to promote fair and clean performance in your sport.”

Jo Calvino

If you require support or advice, contact our Team at

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