We believe that the athlete voice should be listened to, heard and considered when any decision is made within sport. 

 A key element of this is to give nominated ‘Athlete Representatives’ within each sport the chance to develop and refine the requisite skills to effectively and comprehensively represent their team-mates.  



While this work is designed to establish mechanisms for athletes to have a genuine voice within their own sporting body, we also work to ensure that the opinions of British athletes are represented at a national and international level. 

We frequently canvas the opinions of our members – both formally and informally – to capture sentiment and identify any current or potential problems among our membership.  

As their representative body, we then ensure that athletes’ opinions are communicated to decision-makers within and beyond sport, and that their voice is heard and recognised.  

Our work in this area strives to make sure the athlete voice – and therefore the sport itself – is as strong as it can be. 


“Respect and consideration for the collective athlete voice is a vital element of elite sport, and something that must be promoted at every opportunity.”

Joe Choong

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