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Elite British athletes are encouraged to share their views on support within the World Class Programme through the British Elite Athletes Association athlete survey.

All current BEAA members – athletes on the World Class Programme or those who’ve left it within the last six months – can share their feedback through the survey, which is available in your email inbox now.

Each respondent will receive a gift pack containing a powerbank as a thank you for their time. Athletes can remain anonymous if desired, but naturally will not receive a gift pack in this instance.

The athlete survey helps to shape the BEAA’s work throughout the year, letting us know what matters to you, how we can support you, and your views on the high performance system.

It is 12-13 questions, takes a few minutes to complete and can be accessed via the link in your inbox if you are a current BEAA member. We hugely appreciate your time.

If you have not received a survey and believe you should have, please email:

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