Tomorrow’s closing ceremony will conclude an Olympic Games which has again seen British athletes excel on the biggest stage.

Meanwhile back at home, Britain’s Paralympic athletes are in the final stages of their preparations for Tokyo.

The Paralympics begin on August 24, and here, five-time champion Hannah Cockroft gives us an insight into the mind of a Paralympic athlete as the curtain comes down on the Olympic Games.

“It’s easy at this point to feel stressed and to begin over training and over thinking, anticipating what is next to come, but with days left before departure, all these efforts would be in vain.

“My over-riding memory of watching previous Olympic Games closing ceremonies is one of pure excitement. After sitting and watching endless hours of awe-inspiring performances, all I can think about is hitting the track and having that moment to call my own.

“Of course, there are plenty of nerves – am I in the best shape? Have I packed everything I need? But overall, who can sit and watch the closing ceremony without a massive smile on their face?!

“At London 2012, as the Spice Girls lit up the stadium, I took massive pride in knowing that in a month’s time, I would be in that very position, hopefully celebrating an incredible couple of weeks.

“For Rio 2016, the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games came with a sigh of relief that the Paralympic Games were even going to go ahead! For Tokyo, I think the feeling will be much of the same; anticipation to get out after five long years of training and waiting ,and excitement that my turn to pull on that Great Britain vest is just around the corner.

“Some parts of the Olympic closing ceremony feel scary, some overwhelming and some will make the pride of representing your country burst through your chest. The show will literally take you on an emotional adventure, but sit back and enjoy, before the hard work finally comes to a head and your turn begins.”

During the Paralympic Games, the BAC has been commissioned by the British Paralympic Association to provide 24-hour, independent support to athletes in Tokyo. Full details are available here

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