BAC Chair, Vicki Aggar, has welcomed UK Sport’s emphasis on British sport ‘winning the right way’, as athletes and National Governing Bodies prepare to head into a summer Olympic and Paralympic year.

On Friday, UK Sport confirmed its decisions on funding for the Paris 2024 cycle, with Chair, Dame Katherine Grainger, and CEO, Sally Munday, both underlining the importance of ‘how’ Britain looks to build on its Olympic and Paralympic success of recent Games, rather than a sole focus on medal counts.

The BAC plays an integral part in providing athletes within the high-performance system with the support they need, working alongside National Governing Bodies and partner organisations to ensure that the athlete experience is prioritised and maximised.

Following UK Sport’s announcement, Vicki Aggar said:

“It was extremely heartening to hear both Sally Munday and Dame Katherine Grainger put such emphasis on winning the right way.

“The fact that this clear determination to redefine what success looks like – what Dame Katherine called a ‘significant step change’ – exists at the top of British sport is welcome news to ourselves at the BAC, but also to our members, and the many people across the system who have recognised the importance of a genuine athlete-centred approach.

“As was also noted by UK Sport, it is vital that putting athlete welfare at the centre of British sport doesn’t just become a go-to phrase or an often-repeated media soundbite, but that it is backed up with substance, and progress which can be measured and felt by our athlete community.

“At the BAC, we work to support our circa 1,400 members – from across Olympic and Paralympic sport – and to ensure that their collective voice is heard, and listened to when decisions are made. In doing this, we work alongside and are supported by partners within the system who share our vision for a sporting environment built on trust and integrity, in which every athlete is able to thrive.

“As Sally Munday rightly pointed out, there is simply no place in sport for those who are not willing to put people first.”

The BAC offers expert, independent and confidential support and guidance to athletes across a range of issues. Any athlete requiring support can email



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