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BAC Statement: Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games and the COVID-19 Global Pandemic View all news

The COVID-19 situation around the world is significantly impacting the preparation of athletes for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is an incredibly emotional and stressful time for athletes and their families. They are balancing the need to adhere to the latest government guidelines whilst at the same time making sure they can train without risk to themselves or others.

This is an unprecedented public health crisis that is bigger than sport and we must all do what we can, as members of society, to limit the spread of the virus. We encourage information to be made readily available and that timely decisions are made in the best interests of athletes.

In the meantime, the BAC is actively engaging with our membership to understand the impact that this situation has on them as individuals, and to relay their opinions to the appropriate bodies. We will continue to support them at this extremely difficult time, providing them with access to the right independent, confidential advice.


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