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Lane 4 Transition Programme

Lane4 isn’t an ordinary organisation. We aspire to extraordinary things and help people to deliver exceptional results. And, although we’re focussed on pursuing excellence, we believe that talent is everywhere and that, with the right mindset and tools, anybody can achieve exceptional performance.

Our culture embraces diverse opinion and constant curiosity. Whether it’s with our clients or colleagues across the world, it’s our rigorous insight, skilled team and humble confidence that help people to think, learn and develop.

We care about the science and emotion of performance and work with our clients in three areas of specialism:


  1.       People Change and Transformation
  2.       Leadership, Team and Talent Development
  3.       Management Skills Training


A name for success

Our journey began on 19th September 1988, when British Swimmer, Adrian Moorhouse lined up for the final of the 100 meters breaststroke at the Seoul Olympic Games. Having qualified in the fastest time, Adrian was in lane 4, traditionally set aside for the fastest heat winner, which gave him a small but potentially crucial advantage over his competitors.

Adrian came home with the Gold medal. And although he didn’t realise it at the time, with the perfect name for the business he would co-found just a few years later, with leading performance psychologist Professor Graham Jones and business executive Adrian Hutchinson.


Our mission

Our purpose to build winning organisations and improve people’s working lives keeps us motivated every day.


You can see more about our approach to working with you here.



Professional advice, support, mediation


Legal support; including contracts and appeals


Training and development of athlete reps


Co-ordination of athlete feedback


Exclusive disounts and benefits

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