The Athlete Futures Network is open to all past and current members of UK Sport’s World Class Programme, dating back as far as 1997. UK Sport takes the duty of care of its athletes very seriously; whilst the here and now of day-to-day training is critical, we also have a responsibility to ensure we look after them when they decide to move on from this part of their life.

To help with this, the Athlete Futures Network was launched by UK Sport in September 2017. Members have access to newsletters, career and networking events, knowledge sharing sessions, sporting events and much more. The Network also enables members to connect with one another and in the future, will look to develop a mentoring programme to help transitioning athletes learn from those who have already gone through this process. We want to help athletes become aware of their strengths, attributes and transferable skills that they can take forward into a career after sport.

UK Sport is working closely with the English Institute of Sport’s Performance Lifestyle team on this project.

Performance Lifestyle is a personalised support service that enables athletes to deal with the unique demands of being an elite sportsperson. It is designed to help them manage their sporting and non-sporting commitments to ensure they complement each other in a way that enhances both sporting performance and personal well-being. Performance Lifestyle also helps athletes develop the skills required to deal with the personal challenges they face as an elite performer and helps them to prepare for life after sport by providing coaching, mentoring, and personal and professional development throughout their time on the WCP.

The service is delivered by a team of trained practitioners from the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and is available to all 1,700 athletes on the World Class Programme and those nominated by their Home Country Sports Institutes.

More information about the services and support provided Performance Lifestyle is available here.

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